Zuca bag guide – Best way to clean and maintain leather bag

One of the very tough bag materials to wash and maintain is leather. Unlike canvas totes or plastic bags, you cannot just wash leather or use soap and ordinary cleaning detergents on it. Leather bag owners should also always maintain their bag in order to prevent fast deterioration of the material. Now is the best time to find out more about this. It can withstand wear and tear better than bare leather such as those used to make saddles and gloves. When cleaning finished leather, you should use a special cleaner to polish this material. You can buy this from a local shoe repair shop. If you do not have one and you will need to wash it immediately, you may use a gentle moisturizing soap like dove.

zuca bag

Dissolve a chunk of the soap in water till soap bubbles appear. Dampen sterile cloth in the mixture and then wring out some of the excess. Clean your bag. Lather the soap lightly on the surface of your bag. To wash soap out residues, wash the cloth in fresh water. Place a bit of water on the surface of the leather and apply the cloth to wash it out. Do not soak your tote too much in water as leather cloth includes a hard time drying. Get dry towel and then dry it up after cleaning. Buy leather conditioner and polish your bag once it is already dried up entirely. The powder will absorb the grease. Wipe off the powder with clean cloth. Do not store your bag in a tight and humid area. This may result in the material to chip and deteriorate. Try to keep your bag in an airy place. It is also advisable to regularly use your bag.

Gum may stick to the zuca bag if you are traversing dirty places. Place ice cubes in a Ziploc bag and rub on the ice cubes over it. It should freeze the gum so it is possible to pull it off readily. Apply a bit of dove soap to the residues and wipe it off with sterile cloth. You are able to buy leather spray to keep color of leather. You could even purchase this from shoe repair stores. Be certain that the product has the same color to your bag.